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Facade Improvement Grants

Facade Grant Program

The Façade Grant program provides financial and business assistance to businesses and commercial property owners interested in renovating the street faces of their buildings. The objective of the Façade Improvement Grant Program is to assist businesses and commercial property owners with improving building appearance. The program provides 50% reimbursement to commercial or industrial businesses

For example, if an applicant is approved for the program and undertakes $3,000 of improvements, the amount of assistance made available would be for $1,500. To receive the maximum assistance of $2,500 the building owner would need to invest at least $5,000 in improvements.

The grant will be provided in the form of a reimbursement of eligible costs incurred and paid utilizing a construction draw process, once the improvements have been completed, inspected, and approved. Selected eligible applicants must complete the façade improvement project within a twelve month period following project approval and date of the notification letter. Access to the façade assistance program will be on a first come, first served basis in answer to an advertised notice.

Applications will be selected by the Façade Grant Committee comprised of representatives from the Upshur County Development Authority, Buckhannon-Upshur Chamber of Commerce and the City of Buckhannon and must be based on meeting the objectives of the program.


Who can Apply for Funding?

Any property/building owner, or business owner/tenant with written authorization from the owner can apply for funding assistance. The project site must be located within the corporation limits of the City of Buckhannon.


What Improvements are Eligible for Funding?

Improvements must be on the façade of the building facing the primary street orientation or if on a corner lot, the façades facing the two streets of primary orientation. Examples of eligible improvements include:

  • Replacement or repairing of brickwork, plaster or wood siding, including painting, cleaning and repainting.
  • Replacing, repairing, or relocating storefronts, doors, windows, parapets or cornices, including the removal of extraneous elements or inappropriate or incompatible exterior finishes or materials.
  • Change of exterior lighting, or additional lighting
  • Repairs, addition or installation of awnings
  • Installation or improvement of permanently installed signage. Also, signage must be a permanent installed feature of the façade and may not be portable or removable
  • Landscape improvements

All proposed projects must be in compliance with current City of Buckhannon Codes including but not limited to: building codes, property maintenance codes, historical codes and any applicable zoning codes.