City of Buckhannon West Virginia
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Plastics  Steel & Aluminum Cans  Corrugated Cardboard  Office Paper  NewsPaper
Accepted  Plastics #1-2  Steel & Aluminum Cans  Corrugated Cardboard  Office Paper  Newspaper & Magazines
Not Accepted  Plastics #3-7  Cast Pie Pans
Pet Food Cans
Scrap Tin
Car Parts
 Cereal Boxes
Pizza Boxes
Waxed Boxes
 Newspaper & Magazines
Paper Clips
Foam Cups & Plastic Wrap
Laminated Paper
 Office Paper
Paper Bags
Foam Cups & Plastic Wrap
Laminated Paper


For more information and printable charts, view the following PDFs:

What items you may recycle
Plastic Recycling by the Numbers

Electronic Waste Management

For more information on how to recycle end-of-life electronics, visit the West Virginia eWaste website.

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