City of Buckhannon West Virginia
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City of Buckhannon Contacts
City Hall: 304-472-1651
City Hall FAX: 304-472-0934
Utility Boards: 304-472-1430
WVUMedicine, St. Joseph’s Hospital, 304-473-2000
National Poison Control Center, 800-222-1222
National Child Abuse Hotline, 800-422-4453
Fire Department (non-emergency), 304-472-2868
Police Department (non-emergency), 304-472-5723
Upshur County Sheriff (non-emergency), 304-472-1185
Tip Line (to report criminal activity), 304-473-1001

City Officials
Mayor, Robbie Skinner III, 304-472-1651
City Recorder, Randy Sanders, 304-472-1651
Assistant City Recorder, Amberle Jenkins, 304-472-1651
Director of Finance/Administration, Amberle Jenkins, 304-472-1651
City Attorney, Tom O’Neill, 304-472-1651
Municipal Judge, Helen Echard, 304-472-1651
Chief of Police, Matt Gregory, 304-472-1651
Fire Chief, J.B. Kimble, 304-472-2868
Director of Public Works, Jerry Arnold, 304-472-1651
City Engineer, “Jay Hollen, P.E.”, 304-472-1651
ADA Accessibility Officer, Brad Hawkins, 304-472-1651
Stockert Youth & Community Center Director, Debora Brockelman, 304-473-0145
City Electrical Inspector, Vincent Smith, 304-472-1651
Building/Zoning Officer, Vincent Smith, 304-472-1651
Information Coordinator, Randy Sanders, 304-472-4026

CIty Services
Building Permits, Office Staff, 304-472-1651
Cemeteries, Office Staff, 304-472-1651
Parks & Walking Trails, Jerry Arnold, 304-472-5755
Fire Department, Duty Crew, 304-472-2868
Library, Catherine Norko, 304-472-2339
Police Department, Matt Gregory, 304-472-5723
PR/Web, Randy Sanders, 304-472-4026
Sewer Department, Ethan Crosten, 304-472-5459, Ext 1703
Stockert Youth & Community Center, Debora Brockleman, 304-473-0145
Street Department, Brad Hawkins, 304-472-5755
Utility Payments, Office Staff, 304-472-1430
Waste Department, Jerry Arnold, 304-472-4443, Ext 1000
Water Department, Kelly Arnold, 304-472-2530
Zoning Permits, Office Staff and Vincent Smith, 304-472-1651