City of Buckhannon West Virginia
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We Support the Arts

Traders Alley Tapestry by Gretchen Van Nostrand

Mural painting by Debra Dorland, based on City Seal designed by Ross Straight.

The Buckhannon City Council and City of Buckhannon value the arts in our community and recognize the benefits arts programming brings to our citizens and the power that art has to transform lives and bring joy to others. The City of Buckhannon has incorporated the arts in city planning and has numerous public art sites within corporate limits.

Public art map:

Please read the attached resolution in support of public art:

RESOLUTION NO. 2018-05 Support for Public Art

The City encourages artistic exploration and growth in the community and encourages everyone to get involved in our many opportunities to enjoy and/or participate in artistic expression through these partner organizations:

Why support the arts?

New York Times article on broken window theory

This article looks at the broken window theory: that unkempt properties and vandalism increase crime rates. The opposite seems to also hold true, that aesthetically-pleasing environments, with floral displays and art, reduce crime rates and increase resident well-being.

Public Art as Crime Prevention

This article provides more support for the arts as a crime prevention tool, as well as looking at how arts create livable communities that improve quality of life.

Arts as Economic Driver

This website presents the results of a study that examined the economic impact of arts and cultural programs.