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2018 Service to Youth Champion Roy Wager & SYCC Chamber of Commerce Luncheon


Stockert Youth & Community Center celebrates Roy Wager; Hosts Chamber of Commerce for expansion update

May 21, 2018

BUCKHANNON, WV: On Monday, Stockert Youth & Community Center presented Roy Wager, retiring Superintendent of Upshur County Schools, the Service to Youth Champion Award, thanking him for his service to the youth of Upshur County. Following the morning award presentation, the Buckhannon-Upshur Chamber of Commerce held their regular meeting in the existing gymnasium at SYCC, where Mayor McCauley and City staff representatives shared plans for the multi-purpose auditorium and gymnasium expansion project.

The presentation brought Wager back to his roots, as he began his teaching career in 1972 as a third and fourth grade teacher at what was then East Main Street Elementary School. Wager went on to serve as principal of East Main, Hodgesville, and Union schools, and eventually served as the Upshur County Superintendent from 2013 through 2018. His service to Buckhannon and Upshur County youth is greatly appreciated.

At the Chamber luncheon, Mayor David McCauley presented local business leaders with an overview of the planning and capital campaign progress for the SYCC expansion. SYCC Director, Debora Brockleman, Public Works Director, Jerry Arnold, City Engineer, Jay Hollen, SYCC Board Member, Rob Rupp, and Finance Director, Amby Jenkins, provided additional detail on the projects’ progress and components.

For years, Stockert Youth & Community Center has provided tutoring, after-school activities, recreation and sports classes & leagues, and summer camps for youth and adults in Buckhannon and Upshur County. Service to Youth Champion honoree Roy Wager recognized the value of the community center and served as an excellent partner with the Upshur County Board of Education. The City thanks Roy Wager, the Upshur Board of Education, the Buckhannon-Upshur Chamber of Commerce, and all community partners for their support of Stockert Youth and Community Center, past, present and future.

To donate to the SYCC capital campaign, call City Hall at (304) 472-1651 or go to:

You may also get involved by volunteering! For SYCC volunteer needs, call the Center at (304) 473-0145 or go to the Buckhannon Volunteer Center website at:

Callie Cronin Sams,


WHEREAS, our City’s Stockert Youth & Community Center’s Board of Directors resolved during 2008, to annually honor the service of extraordinary persons who have given selflessly while dedicating their lives to the service of the youth of our Buckhannon-Upshur community by bestowing the Service to Youth Champion award; and,

WHEREAS, during 2008, the first SYC “Service to Youth Champion” honoree was Patty Muncy, followed by Cathy McCauley in 2009, Dr. Rob Rupp in 2010, Don Nestor in 2011, Joyce Harris-Thacker in 2012, Linda Riegel in 2013, Sam Nolte in 2014, Dr. Sara Stankus in 2015, Jason Westfall in 2016; & Craig Presar in 2017; and,

WHEREAS, the City of Buckhannon by its Stockert Youth & Community Center’s Board of Directors further resolved thereafter to annually honor others who perform extraordinary service for the children of our community, & in so doing to recognize those persons who substantially contribute to the high quality of life enjoyed by our B-U community’s residents, during a celebration to be known as “Service to Youth Day,” celebrated each year on Junior Royalty Day during West Virginia Strawberry Festival week; and,

WHEREAS, the Stockert Youth & Community Center has selected for 2018 as our Center’s 11th Service to Youth Champion, & our City is now proud & privileged to honor & celebrate the many contributions benefiting our community’s children, of Roy Wager, who has for decades committed himself to public education commencing his long tenure & career in our Upshur County school system in 1972 as a third & fourth grade teacher at the East Main Street School in the very building that now serves as our Stockert Youth & Community Center, serving subsequently as principal at Hodgesville, East Main Street, & Union schools; Federal Educational Programs Director for Upshur County schools from 2000-2012; & superintendent of Upshur County schools from 2013-18 through his forthcoming retirement on June 30, 2018; and,

WHEREAS, during a ceremony to be conducted at the Stockert Youth & Community Center in Buckhannon, on Monday, May 21, 2018 at 10:00 a.m., our City will celebrate service to youth by all members of our community while especially honoring Roy Wager as SYCC’s 2018 Service to Youth Champion during our 11th annual “Service to Youth Day.”

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DAVID W. McCAULEY, MAYOR OF BUCKHANNON, pursuant to the power & authority duly vested in me, hereby proclaim Monday, May 21, 2018 to be “SERVICE TO YOUTH DAY” throughout Buckhannon, & I further proclaim Buckhannon’s 2018 Service to Youth Champion to be Roy Wager. I further urge all residents & Festival visitors alike to join our City’s honoree, Roy Wager, his wife, Patty, his children, & me, along with the members of our City & SYCC family, & friends near & far during the presentational ceremony to be conducted at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, May 21, 2018 at the Stockert Youth & Community Center. May every Junior Royalty Day conducted during our Strawberry Festival now & always be known as “Service to Youth Day” in honor of & tribute to the contributions of outstanding citizens such as our 11th & 2018’s Service to Youth Champion, Roy Wager, retiring Superintendent of Upshur County schools.

Given under my hand & official seal of The City of Buckhannon, this 21st day of May, 2018

David W. McCauley, Mayor of Buckhannon