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Buckhannon Police: Be Safe Over the Holiday

December 30, 2020

Driving safely is not just a law enforcement concern, it should be the concern of everyone traveling our roads and highways.  We recognize that this is a time of year when many people may be out celebrating the new year. Alcohol and/or other substances are often consumed, and sometimes to excess.  Before you get behind the wheel of a car, imagine your loved ones either being in the vehicle with you or traveling elsewhere and you crash killing or injuring them.  How would you feel knowing you caused that to occur?  It should not be a “hold my beer and watch” thing.  Let go of your pride and let someone else drive; or better yet, stay where you are.  If you drink and drive and get arrested for a DUI, it is not the Officer’s fault for your arrest.  They are out to make sure everyone is driving safely.

This year we need to take additional precautions due to the pandemic. Please consider a small celebration with your household this year. If you do choose to go out, follow the CDC guidelines for mask-wearing, social distancing, etc.

The Buckhannon Police Department wishes you a Happy New Year and a safe year to come.  We kindly ask that you think of the safety of yourself and others all year long and celebrate all special occasions in a safe and healthy manner.

Buckhannon Police Department:

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