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Buckhannon’s Floral Season Draws To A Close for 2021!

September 8, 2021, BUCKHANNON, WV:  City Horticulturist, Dixie (Green) Dawson, is the person we look to for the annual additions of flowers to our parks, streets, light poles, bridges, planters, and pretty much anywhere she can find healthy soil or hang a basket!  But, as is said, “to every thing there is a season.”

This week, Dixie has been working to remove the failing flowers and greenery, much of it stifled by a much hotter and dryer August. She and her crew are preparing the flower beds for the Fall and Winter seasons. All of the vegetation removed is taken to a compost pile that is tended to throughout the year, and it is repurposed as a fertilizer for future beds. Soon the larger planters will be removed from the street corners, sanitized and the process will begin to prepare for Spring of 2022. She noted that there is no specific date to begin the removals as it depends on the weather patterns and, as we all know, this summer has been a hot one!

City Horticulturist, Dixie Dawson, prepares the bed at the Buckhannon Police Department for the Fall season.

One of the disappointments of this season was an isolated incident of vandalism to a few of the flower settings, specifically on the bridge at City Hall leading over to North Buckhannon. Not to be discouraged, Dixie was out immediately with replacements. 

Being known as the “City of Flowers” garners a great deal of pressure to make sure our displays are always well-maintained. To help Dixie throughout the summer season, were three seasonal workers assisting including Laura Foulks, who is still working on the final cleanup this week.  Laura has studied horticulture and has had experience working with plants in greenhouses.

City seasonal staff member, Laura Foulks and City Horticulturist, Dixie (Green) Dawson handling the final cleanup this week.

Mayor Robbie Skinner, who is also a local landscape photographer, reflected on the floral arrangements this year, deeming them as some of the best we have displayed. “I want to sincerely thank Dixie, Laura, Garrett, and everyone who had a hand in making our City so colorful and beautiful this Summer. People travel from across the region just to enjoy the flowers, and our residents beam with pride each year when they’re at their peak,” concluded the Mayor.