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City awarded $3,500 REAP Litter Control Grant for Good Neighbor Program

City awarded $3,500 REAP Litter Control Grant for Good Neighbor Program

July 5, 2018

BUCKHANNON, WV: We all know what a chore keeping up with routine property maintenance can be, and cleaning up littered or dilapidated property can be even more challenging. Recognizing that some residents may face more obstacles in maintaining their homes–whether it be due to income limitations, disability, or age—the City of Buckhannon 2015 and 2020 planning committees proposed the “Good Neighbor” program to assist these residents in meeting code regulations. Last week, the City received notification of a grant award of $3,500 to help fund this program, which will coordinate with the zoning officer and the new Buckhannon Volunteer Center.

The City applied for the grant through the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Rehabilitative Action Plan (REAP), which provides Litter Control and Recycling grants to local governments and non-profit organizations. Thanks to the grant award, the Good Neighbor Program will include a “CLEANUP Buckhannon” initiative to create anti-litter educational materials and assist qualified residents with litter cleanup or property upkeep.

Clean community




Nuisance property




Residents meeting the qualification guidelines may apply to the City for up to $1,000 to fix a problem area identified by the City’s Zoning Officer. In some cases, volunteers may be recruited via the Buckhannon Volunteer Center to provide labor or other services as necessary.

The City of Buckhannon is a proud recipient of the 2017 Cabinet Secretary’s Award for Environmental Stewardship and the 2017 Clean Community Award, both presented by the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. The community thrives through the efforts of volunteers whose assistance will be critical for the success of the Good Neighbor Program and CLEANUP Buckhannon initiative.

To learn more about volunteering in Buckhannon, be sure to watch our News & Announcements for the upcoming launch of the Buckhannon Volunteer Center. For more information about the REAP program, visit the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s website.

Callie Cronin Sams,