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City Takes Part in Local Leadership Academy

February 12, 2021 BUCKHANNON, WV:  The City of Buckhannon took part in the 2021 Leadership Academy, which is sponsored by Create Buckhannon, on Wednesday, February 10th.  Mayor Robbie Skinner led off the Academy’s first session with an overview of the City of Buckhannon including a review of historical and present-day facts.  The Mayor then served as the moderator for the following:

City of Buckhannon’s Director of Finance, Amberle Jenkins, discussed where the City’s revenues come from and how the City allocates expenditures from the General Fund.   She also discussed the City’s budget process and how the Enterprise (Utility) Departments (Sanitation, Water and Waste) operate pointing out that monies gathered by each utility must stay in that utility.

City Recorder Randy Sanders discussed Public Relations, specifically how information is shared with the public and through what channels the public can access important information; the use of Grants for the City explaining how grant opportunities are sought out; outlining the process of writing a grant; and how the City utilize the grants when they are awarded.  He also explained the Role of City Recorder including the duties and responsibilities; the time it takes to carry out the job; and the importance of the position

City of Buckhannon’s Director of Public Works, Jerry Arnold, spoke about on-going and planned street projects, which include the Gateway West project, Smithfield Street paving & maintenance; ongoing sidewalk projects, the City’s new Street Department garage on Mudlick Road, and the upcoming North Spring Street project taking place with the collaboration of multiple departments working together on one major project.

The Mayor, finished the City’s presentation by explaining the Elected Officials and Governing Body Structure including the role of the Mayor; how our City Charter outlines the Buckhannon Mayor’s position; how the Mayor functions with City Council; the Roll of City Council including how it’s comprised and what the duties include.

Create Buckhannon member’s Dr. Joseph B. Reed and Rich Clemens oversee the Leadership Academy and serve as the facilitators for each session.  The upcoming topics will include the role of the Upshur County Commission; Education; Development; Youth Activities; Law Enforcement & the Judicial System; Transportation and Protection; Health and Illness Care; and Employment & Recreation.

To learn more about the Leadership Academy go to the Create Buckhannon’s Facebook Page.