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City thanks Ron Kidd for 21 Years of Service


Whereas, RON KIDD has faithfully, honorably, & excellently served The City of Buckhannon for more than 21 years having commenced his long tenure with our City in 1997, & has served for many years as one of our City’s most excellent, waste collection employees, all with great distinction while constantly demonstrating a work ethic beyond reproach; and,

Whereas, MR. KIDD has served our Waste Collection operations during many important initiatives playing a very important role in establishing Buckhannon’s Waste Collection Department as one of the finest utility operations in the entire State of West Virginia; and,

Whereas, RON KIDD recently announced his well-earned retirement from his long tenure with our City of Buckhannon effective at the end of June 2018; and,

Whereas, our City government & particularly our City Council & Waste Collection Board now desires to formally recognize RON KIDD’S long commitment to the advancement of our City’s Waste Collection Department during his many years of service, & further to express our City’s most heartfelt appreciation for his leadership & many substantial contributions that have helped establish Buckhannon as one of the very finest & most outstanding communities in West Virginia, while wishing him, his wife Marci, & their daughter Amanda- the very best during RON’s much deserved retirement.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DAVID W. McCAULEY, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF BUCKHANNON & CHAIR OF OUR WASTE COLLECTION BOARD, pursuant to the power & authority duly vested in me, do hereby proclaim Thursday, July 12, 2018 to be “RON KIDD DAY” throughout our City of Buckhannon.

I further urge all of our community’s residents to join me, RON KIDD’S family, our City Council, the members of our Waste Collection Department, & all of our City’s employees in expressing their most heartfelt thanks & appreciation for RON KIDD’S most excellent service to our community & in wishing him the very best in his retirement.

Given under my hand & the official seal of
The City of Buckhannon, this 12th day of July, 2018

David W. McCauley, Mayor