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Compost your grass clippings: keep them out of the street, please.

As mowing season begins, remember to compost grass clippings to keep them out of streets and reduce wear and tear on storm sewer system

March 26, 2018

BUCKHANNON, WV:  With warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast, residents and businesses will likely be preparing for yard work, including mowing. The City encourages residents to embrace spring and keep yards and gardens tidy, but please be mindful to keep grass clippings out of the street. Doing so prevents grass and debris from being washed into our storm sewer system, allowing it to function a peak efficiency.

Yard waste that is washed into the storm drains adds unnecessary wear and tear to the system, causing expensive repairs and reducing the life of parts and equipment. Consider composting your grass clippings and other yard waste to keep it from entering the storm drains. Residents may choose to start a compost system of their own, or they may call City Hall to have yard waste collected by the City. Compost created from the collection service fertilizes the floral displays around town.

If residents prefer to start their own composting system, many options are available ranging from digging and turning a compost pile right in the garden, purchasing compost tumblers from home & garden retailers, or building a bin or tumbler using instructions and plans that are readily available on the web.

To schedule yard waste collection, call Buckhannon City Hall at (304) 472-1651 or visit

To read the Ordinance 193, which includes guidance on street maintenance and yard waste, follow this link:

For questions, contact Callie Cronin Sams,