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Cope welcomed to Buckhannon Police Department

BUCKHANNON, WV: The Buckhannon Police Department recently welcomed Colin Cope to the force. Cope attended the City Council meeting on April 4 to take the official oath to serve the United States Constitution, State Code of West Virginia, and the Charter and Ordinances of the City of Buckhannon under guidance by Buckhannon Police Chief Matt Gregory.

Family and friends, including wife, Kacey Cope, a professor at West Virginia Wesleyan College, attended the meeting to support Officer Cope’s commitment to serving the community.

Officer Cope holds a doctoral degree in Biology from Case Western Reserve University and a bachelors degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Science from Pennsylvania State University. While at Penn State, Cope tended goal for the soccer team, and held the title of team captain. Cope shared that in addition to playing and watching soccer, he enjoys spending time outdoors and being with his friends and family.

The Buckhannon Police Department, led by Chief Matt Gregory, employs 11 full time officers, 1 part time, and one administrative assistant. The department is responsible for community safety, crime prevention, and apprehension of offenders. The Buckhannon Police Department is currently seeking national accreditation through the CALEA program, which ensures compliance with national regulations and best practices in policing and crime reduction. In an emergency, call 911. To report a crime via the anonymous tip line, call (304) 473-1001. For assistance or questions, please call (304) 472-5723.

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