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Lockhart recognized with new scooter & motorbike parking

October 2, 2018

BUCKHANNON, WV: Our Main Street gained some new parking spots–for two-wheel vehicles only–thanks to a request from a well-known resident. Fuzzy the Clown, aka, Jim Lockhart, suggested that extra space at the end of the blocks on Main Street could be utilized for scooter, motorbike, motorcycle, and bicycle parking. On Saturday, City representatives invited Fuzzy downtown to see the new signs designating the special parking spaces. Thank you, Fuzzy, for the great idea!

Mayor Greetings – Dedication of two-wheeled parking spaces with Jim Lockhart, aka Fuzzy the Clown
East Main Street, Buckhannon, WV – September 29, 2018 – 1:00 p.m.

Welcome to our brief dedication of our four, new, two-wheeled vehicle parking spaces along our beautiful Main Street. Last year, I was broached by Fuzzy the Clown, aka Jim Lockhart- who asked if scooter & motorcycle spaces might be considered downtown. Today Jim- we say “Voila!” We also say thanks for the terrific idea.

To commemorate Jim- Fuzzy adorns each of our four signs. This initiative also speaks to our all-inclusive nature in Buckhannon- we say cyclists of all kinds are welcome here in our town.

Thanks to our Streets & Parks Department for fabricating & installing our new signs. Jim- would you like to offer some remarks?

Thanks for coming to our dedication. Please enjoy the remainder of our terrific Fall Fest- Classic Cars are located just around the corner. Hay wagon rides resume in a couple hours. At 5:15 we’ll welcome Gene & Sandy Thorn reenacting Sam & Charity Pringle, followed by folk & square dancers at your Colonial Theatre. Enjoy this beautiful day!