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Main Street Fire – The Aftermath

October 5, 2021, BUCKHANNON, WV: The fire at 23-23B East Main Street, at the corner of Spring Street and Main Street, in Buckhannon, is out – but there is much to deal with over the next several hours, days, and weeks to come. Cleanup is underway, evaluations will take place as well as inspections by the proper authorities, and decisions for the current occupants will have to be made.

Assisting the Buckhannon Fire Department today were the Ellamore Fire Department, Elkins Fire Department, Warren District Fire Department, Adrian Volunteer Fire Department, Junior Volunteer Fire Department, Belington Fire Department, Weston Fire Department, Washington District Fire Department, Jane Lew Fire Department, and the Banks District Fire Department. (Other departments may have been on the scene but these were the ones identified at this time – our thanks to all.)

Also assisting were members of the Buckhannon Water Department, the Buckhannon Police Department, the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department, the Upshur County EMS, the Randolph County EMS, the Buckhannon VIPS, the Buckhannon Street Department, and City employees from various departments. Mayor Skinner was on hand throughout the entire event offering his support to the City of Buckhannon employees and volunteers, and his thanks, on behalf of the City, to all those who came from the surrounding area to assist.

With the skillful work of the firefighters, who dispersed 1 million gallons of water on the blaze, the fire was contained to the 23-23B East Main Street building, although water damage took place to the adjacent 23C Main Street building as well.

Main Street is still closed to all traffic while the cleanup takes place.