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Roy Law honored as Service to Youth Champion at Stockert Youth & Community Center Town Hall

Roy Law honored as Service to Youth Champion at Stockert Youth & Community Center Town Hall

July 25, 2018

BUCKHANNON, WV: Attorney Roy Law played an integral role in securing the gift that transformed East Main Street Elementary School into Stockert Youth & Community Center. Monday, the City thanked Mr. Law with the Service to Youth Champion Award during the town hall meeting to discuss the future of the facility. In addition to honoring Mr. Law, participants worked together to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the operation of the community center.

Stockert’s downtown location near West Virginia Wesleyan College, the business and arts district, Colonial Theatre and St. Joseph’s Hospital & Community Care was identified as a strength, along with a strong board and staff, and providing a safe location for kids after school and during the summer. Funding was noted as both a current weakness and continuing threat.

Prior to the community discussion, City and Stockert staff members provided attendees with updates on the programs offered at SYCC, the state of the financials and fundraising campaign for the multi-purpose space facility expansion, and the AML Pilot Funding grant proposal that was submitted last month to the West Virginia Dept. of Environmental Protection. If awarded, the funding would provide for the construction of the facility expansion and the extension of the Elizabeth J. “Binky” Poundstone Riverwalk Trail System.

Stockert Youth & Community Center provides tutoring, after-school activities, recreation and sports classes & leagues, and summer camps for youth and adults in Buckhannon and Upshur County.

To donate to the SYCC capital campaign, call City Hall at (304) 472-1651 or go to:

You may also get involved by volunteering! For SYCC volunteer needs, call the Center at (304) 473-0145 or go to the Buckhannon Volunteer Center website at:

Callie Cronin Sams,


WHEREAS, our City’s Stockert Youth & Community Center’s Board of Directors resolved during 2008, to annually honor the service of extraordinary persons who have given selflessly while dedicating their lives to the service of the youth of our Buckhannon-Upshur community by bestowing the Service to Youth Champion award; and,

WHEREAS, during 2008, the first SYCC “Service to Youth Champion” honoree was Patty Muncy, followed by Cathy McCauley in 2009, Dr. Rob Rupp in 2010, Don Nestor in 2011, Joyce Harris-Thacker in 2012, Linda Riegel in 2013, Sam Nolte in 2014, Dr. Sara Stankus in 2015, Jason Westfall in 2016; Craig Presar in 2017; & Roy Wager in 2018; and,

WHEREAS, notwithstanding the annual award having historically been given in May of each year during Strawberry Festival week, the City of Buckhannon now desires for the first time to award special Service to Youth Champion recognition to ROY LAW for his compassionate service & contributions to the youth of our community; and,

WHEREAS, the City has specially selected Roy Law as our SYCC’s 12th Service to Youth Champion, & our City is now proud & privileged to honor & celebrate the many contributions benefiting our community’s children, thanks to Roy Law, who 25 years ago & then as her attorney counseled Mrs. Joyce Stockert about her testamentary affairs & urged her to provide for the children of our B-U community by establishing the “Stockert Youth Center” now being the “Stockert Youth & Community Center”; and,

WHEREAS, during a ceremony to be conducted at our Stockert Youth & Community Center in Buckhannon, on Monday, July 23, 2018 at 7:00 p.m., our City will specially celebrate & recognize service to our youth by all members of our community while specially honoring Mr. Roy Law as a Service to Youth Champion.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DAVID W. McCAULEY, MAYOR OF BUCKHANNON, pursuant to the power & authority duly vested in me, hereby proclaim Monday, July 23, 2018 to be a special “SERVICE TO YOUTH DAY” throughout Buckhannon, & I further proclaim Buckhannon’s special recipient of our Service to Youth Champion award to be Roy Law. I further urge all residents to join our City’s honoree, Roy Law, his wife, Joyce, his children, & me, along with the members of our City & SYCC family, & friends near & far during the presentational ceremony to be conducted at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, July 23, 2018 at our Stockert Youth & Community Center. May every resident aspire to being passionate about service to our youth such as our very special recipient & award winner who we now honor & pay tribute to, Mr. Roy Law.

Given under my hand & official seal of The City of Buckhannon, this 23rd day of July, 2018

David W. McCauley, Mayor

History of Stockert Youth & Community Center

As our City celebrates the honor of our Stockert Youth & Community Center being recognized as the outstanding organization of the year by the Buckhannon-Upshur Chamber of Commerce, it seems appropriate to revisit how our wonderful SYC came to be. Buckhannon’s Joyce S. Stockert died on March 16, 1994. By her last will & testament drafted by attorney, Roy Law, Mrs. Stockert provided that upon the Upshur County Commission’s acceptance within six (6) months following the probate of her will, that $500,000 was to be bequeathed for the purchase, construction, & operation of a youth center facility to be designated & named “The Stockert Youth Center.” Mrs. Stockert specifically provided that “the operation of the youth center shall … provide for entertainment, instruction, recreational athletics, sport & other wholesome activities for the youth of Upshur County.”

On September 15, 1994, the Commission formally & unanimously accepted the bequest in accordance with Mrs. Stockert’s will. The County entered into a rent-free, year-to-year lease with the Upshur County Board of Education to use the old East Main Street School which had closed at the end of the 1994 school year to house the youth center. The very first SYC program was the drill team featuring sometimes more than 100 little pompom, baton, flag, & rifle toting girls. Later, a director was hired & after-school programs were established. Until 2004, the County Commission honored the spirit & express purpose of the Stockert bequest. During Binky Poundstone’s tenure as mayor from 1996-2000, the City of Buckhannon began to contribute financially & through in-kind services to improve SYC. Wesleyan College also was substantially involved in SYC program administration & development since SYC’s inception, with SYC having benefited from the hundreds of Wesleyan students’ dynamic service, mentoring, & leadership involvement.

SYC was sustained during its first decade during the ownership & operation by the County Commission while relying heavily upon financial & other assistance from the City, the Upshur County Board of Ed, the College, & other individuals & entities, & SYC remained viable due to the informal partnership which existed among the several entities & other contributors.

In 2004, the partnering County, City, & Board of Education, recognized & agreed that notwithstanding the previous sustaining of SYC facilities & programs under County ownership & operation, that a different method whereby the City would assume SYC ownership & operation with future financial & other assistance forthcoming from the County Commission & the Upshur County Board of Education, & other assistance from the College, would best assure SYC’s continued, long-term operation together with improvement of SYC facilities, programs, & staffing. A declaratory judgment action was filed before Judge Tom Keadle, who approved the new arrangement, & for the past 14 years, SYC has flourished under City ownership & the direction of a board comprised of all of the primary partnering entities.

In 2005, a Small Cities’ Block grant combined with in-kind services by the City permitted substantial remodeling of the facility gifted by the Board of Education. A retired bus was acquired from the Board of Ed. to permit transportation of SYC kids to parades, Camp Buccaneer at the county pool, & trips to Kennywood for kids, many of whom would never otherwise have been able to enjoy such fun, summer fieldtrips. Basketball, martial arts, Stock-Art, wrestling, & other programs have been added to provide fun, safe, after-school & summer experiences for the children of our B-U community. No child has ever been turned away from SYC. In its 24th year, thousands of kids from our community have benefited from our SYC programs. Next year, we will celebrate the silver anniversary of our beloved Stockert Youth Center, & we hope to break ground soon on our new multi-purpose auditorium/gymnasium to even better meet the needs of our most precious assets- our children. Additionally, plans are being made to expand the programs at SYC to permit senior citizens & other adult groups to use the facility. Thank you to our B-U community for your excellent support!

– Mayor David. W. McCauley

Town Hall Agenda

Monday, July 23, 2018 – 7:00 p.m.

1) Greetings! – Mayor David McCauley; historical overview of SYCC & the recent name change to Stockert Youth & Community Center – broadening our constituencies
2) Special recognition – Mr. Roy Law, former attorney of Mrs. Joyce Stockert – SYCC’s 12th Service to Youth Champion!
3) Remarks from our Forum’s facilitators – Don Nestor & Rob Rupp – nearly 50 years of service to Stockert! Introductions of attendees, etc.
4) Summary of current SYCC programs – Debora Brockleman, SYCC Director
5) The proposed new building, gymnasium, auditorium, arena, multi-use space, whatever you’d like to call it! – Jerry Arnold, Public Works Director
6) Where are we with our finances? – Amby Jenkins, Finance & Administration Director
7) The Abandoned Mines/Trails Grant – what could it mean for SYCC & our community? – Callie Cronin-Sams
8) The Colonial Theatre – what does it mean for SYCC? – David McCauley
9) SWOT analysis & breakout groups – Don Nestor & Rob Rupp SWOT = strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats
a) Talking points – where should the $ come from to expand programs?
b) How do we maintain the expanded facility & staffing?
c) Would an SYCC foundation work?
d) What else do you want our SYCC to be?
e) What else can we offer our B-U kids?
f) How important is an outdoor complex to compliment SYCC?
g) What other constituencies might become part of SYCC? Classic cars, bands, Festival Fridays, Senior Center, WVWC
10) Breakout groups post their ideas & entire group weighs in on most important points made by all groups
11) Conclusions – Nestor & Rupp
12) Adjournment! We plan on wrapping up about 8:30!

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