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Thank you, Buckhannon Rotary Club!


Organizations are a lot like people- they come into our lives, leave their marks, move away, or pass on.  One organization that most of us thought would never become defunct is the Buckhannon Rotary, but after 101 years, that’s exactly what happened at midnight last evening with the club disbanding & surrendering their century-old charter.  The reasons for that disbanding are not important & need not be discussed here.

The Buckhannon Rotary has been very gracious to our City for decades in ways too numerous to list here.  Suffice to say, our City was very pleased when a few months back the Rotary pledged $10,000 toward our capital campaign to realize the construction of our new multi-use building that will soon go up right beside our existing Stockert facility.  One of the old club’s final measures was to allocate several gifts to our City organization including payments of $6,200 to our Fire Department, $5,700 to our police department, &- well exceeding their original pledge- $15,142 toward our Stockert capital campaign for a grand total of $27,042 in gifts to our City.  We thank all of the Rotarians for their wonderful gifts that will greatly enhance all of our citizens’ lives in our B-U community. I’m also pleased to report that the scuttlebutt is that a new permutation of the Buckhannon Rotary is already organizing with many of the old members coming together to continue to perform wonderful work for our ole place.  We thank the former group for all they’ve done, & wish the new group all of the best in the future.

With the Jenkins’ Automotive Services’ gift of $25,000 received just this Tuesday past, our SYCC capital campaign has now well eclipsed $300,000.  We thank the Buckhannon Rotary & John Jenkins & his family for their wonderful gifts to our City. We all are blessed to live in a community where so many aid our good causes.  When I utter that ole line about we’re all in this together- the “we” is very broad indeed.

-David W. McCauley,

Mayor of Buckhannon

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