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The Donut Shop

BUCKHANNON, WV:  Local officials have been busy working behind the scenes with other community and state leaders concerning the news that recently rippled through our community regarding the potential closing of The Donut Shop.

Mayor Robbie yesterday issued this statement.  “Like many in our community and beyond, we are heartsick. The Donut Shop has been a staple in Buckhannon for decades,” Skinner said. “Folks far and wide associate Buckhannon with The Donut Shop. It’s woven into the fabric of our culture here. We are doing everything we can to find a solution that keeps this critically important business in our community.”

Great news came today from the owner of the property, Sherree Martin, who released the following statement:

“The Donut Shop in Buckhannon, West Virginia is an institution with a long legacy,” Martin said in a short press release Friday. “I am committed to continuing business as usual, with a new operator in place shortly to continue the tradition.”

“Happy New Year wishes can come true”, stated Mayor Skinner.

The Donut Shop in Buckhannon